IPhone 2019 with reverse wireless charging and logo in the center

A few hours before the official launch, BLoomberg reveals the last details still unknown about the new iPhone 11. There is also a design change

Tomorrow is the big day for Apple fans: the Cupertino company will unveil to the world the new iPhone 11. But of them, by now, we know almost everything thanks to the latest revelations of Bloomberg that, in turn, more or less confirm what was already leaked in recent weeks.

For example, that the models that Apple is preparing to present are 3: two top of the range that will be called "Pro" will replace the current iPhone XS and XS Max and a mid-range device that will replace the current iPhone XR. This last device promises to be extremely interesting for price/performance ratio, since it will be equipped as the other two with the new SoC A13. The new iPhones, moreover, will feature reverse wireless charging, already seen on the Huawei P20 Pro and P30 Pro, first, and on the Samsung Galaxy S10 later. Finally, there will be a small aesthetic change: the logo of the bitten apple, at the back of the device, will move to the center of the smartphone.

iPhone 11: the logo makes charging

The shift of the logo, which on the X series iPhones is positioned at the top three-quarters of the back cover, is not random: it indicates to the user where he should place the devices to be charged with reverse wireless charging. The user, for example, will have to place the AirPods or the Apple Watch right on the logo to charge them drawing from the smartphone's battery.

iPhone 11: cameras with AI

According to Bloomberg, the main innovations of the two new "Pro", compared to XS and XS Max, will all be in the cameras: there will be three, one will be wide-angle and will be enhanced by a good dose of artificial intelligence. As already done by Google with the Pixel 3 (and even more with the future Pixel 4, soon on the market), Apple has also decided to use algorithms to make a difference in the shots of its smartphones. Night and indoor photos, for this reason, should be much better than those taken by the iPhone X.

iPhone XR 2 with A13 chip

There is then a news that will make very happy Apple fans who can not spend a thousand euros for a smartphone: the "non-Pro" model that will replace the current iPhone XR will be equipped, as well as the "Pro", with the new SoC A13. The compromise compared to the higher models, therefore, will also not be in the overall performance (which will remain very high thanks to the new chip), but only in the display and some features of the "Pro" that will be missing in the mid-range model.