IPhone, 230 more emoji coming: there are those for sign language

The new iOS 13 update will be rolled out in the coming weeks. It will bring new smilies and features to protect privacy

With the release of iOS 13.2, scheduled for November, owners of a compatible iPhone (ie, all those who have been updated to iOS 13) will have on their smartphone of the bitten apple a rather... colorful novelty. As announced by the blog Emojipedia, in the latest release of the mobile operating system of the house of Cupertino will be integrated characters of the standard Unicode 12.

This will bring in dowry another 59 emoji, which will become more than 230 if you consider all the variations of gender, skin color and age. In short, another "batch" of smilies and symbols that will further enrich the communication possibilities of iPhone owners, who will now be able to attach new emoji to their messages on iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram and other instant messaging platforms.

What are the new emoji introduced with iOS 13.2

Compared to the past, when the arrival of new emoji coincided with a kind of "revolution" in the industry, the new set of smilies introduced with Unicode 12 do not bring much news. We find, for example, the orgango tango and the sloth; garlic, onion and oyster; the kite; the banjo and various swimsuits. The most notable novelty is the introduction of emoji dedicated to disability.

There is the smiley face that uses sign language, people in wheelchairs, blind people with a cane, guide dog for the blind and the image of the ear with braces for the hearing impaired. It is worth saying that this is only the first set dedicated to people with disabilities and it is very likely that in the coming months new ones will be introduced in the Unicode standard.

The other novelties of iOS 13.2

With the new release of iOS 13.2, moreover, new features will be introduced aimed at protecting the privacy of users. In particular, there will be a better management of the recordings used by the Cupertino company for the machine learning algorithms related to Siri.