IPhone, 5 functions that users don’t know about: what are they

Even if you've been using an iPhone for a long time, there are several hidden functions that you might not know about: here are 5 you need to know

The iOS operating system of your iPhone reserves you some hidden functions, which in many cases can make your life easier. In order to always have the best user experience possible, there are 5 features of your iPhone that you should know and start using.

One of the features is about the call: when you're on the phone, you can put the conversation on hold by pressing the "Mute" button. If you want to type more easily, you can use the QuickPath feature, which lets you type by scrolling through letters on the keyboard. And you can hide photos you don't want others to see, simply by sending them to a Hidden Album from the menu. And if you want to ask Siri a question without using voice commands, you can type it in and get your answer. Here are the five features in detail.

iPhone, how to put a call on hold

When you're on a call and need to mute, you can press the "Mute" button to mute your microphone. Not all iPhone users know, however, that by holding the button down for a few seconds, in addition to muting the microphone you can quickly put the call on hold and reactivate it by resuming it.

iPhone, swipe on keyboard to type

Since iOS 13, there's a new feature that allows you to type words faster when typing. It's QuickPath, the typing tool that lets you type by simply scrolling over letters, without having to touch them individually. To do this, while in the Messages or Mail app hold down lightly on the keyboard area and slide your fingers over the letters of a word. You can scroll until you find the word you want to insert and then release the pressure. The word will be automatically added to your message or email along with a space.

iPhone, hide your photos

Do you have photos on your iPhone that you don't want to see when you open the gallery? You can hide them from prying eyes by opening the Photos app, finding the one you want to remain private and holding down the thumbnail until the sharing pop-up opens. From the items that appear, select "Hide" from the menu. To find the hidden photo, just go to the Albums section and look for the one with the name "Hidden".

iPhone, type a question for Siri

You want to ask Siri a question, but you're in a situation where you can't use voice command. Apple comes to your aid with a hidden feature in the accessibility menu that lets you type the question you want to ask Siri instead of saying it. To enable the feature, go to Settings, then Accessibility, scroll down and select Siri, then toggle the Type to Siri switch.

iPhone, use one hand to type

If you're among those who prefer to type one-handed on your iPhone, Apple offers the option to set up this feature on the keyboard. To do so, open the Messages or Mail app to activate the keyboard, look for the emoji symbol on the left and hold it until the options window appears. You'll be able to choose between using your left hand or your right hand for a more comfortable layout. To return to two-handed typing, repeat the same path and select the keyboard in the middle.