IPhone 7, problems with the home button? Here comes the virtual one

According to industry experts, the feature could anticipate the disappearance of the physical button on the next iPhone 8

Have you spent almost a thousand euros to buy the last iPhone 7 and now you find yourself with the Home button broken? Don't worry, if you don't want to take the phone to a service, the iPhone 7 is able to create a virtual button that replicates the functions of the Home button.

As reported by a user on the forum of the site MacRumors, the smarphone produced by Apple after being restarted showed on the display the message "The home button may need assistance, in the meantime you can use the Home Button that is below on the screen". After registering the first difficulties with the button, the iPhone 7 owner tried to turn it back on several times. Durante i primi rebooting come riporta il forum, il tasto del telefono ha iniziato prima a vibrare tre volte per poi smettere di funzionare completamente. Al successivo riavvio l’utente si è trovato sullo schermo un pulsante virtuale.

Non solo l’iPhone 7

button-scompare.jpgFonte foto: Google Play Store

My Home Button

La nuova feature introdotta da Cupertino non è un’assoluta novità. Da anni infatti nello Store di Google è possibile trovare diverse applicazioni che promettono di sostituire il tasto home non funzionante con un pulsante virtuale. Una delle più utilizzate dagli utenti Android è My Home Button che come nell’iPhone 7 offre una serie di funzioni tra cui un tasto sullo schermo. Another application similar to the previous ones and very appreciated in Google Play is Easy Touch.

The choice of Apple to add a virtual button in addition to providing an emergency feature and also indestructible represents a further confirmation to the rumors that have been circulating on the net for a few days. According to these rumors the Californian company would be ready to eliminate the Home button from the display with the launch of the iPhone 8. The functionality of the button in fact would be integrated into the screen in favor of a larger display. In practice, if this news were to be true, the front of the smarphone will have an OLED screen instead of the current LCD and without Home button.