IPhone 7, the mod is extreme: transformed into a Fidget Spinner

In the United States they have seen fit to destroy an iPhone7 to turn it into a Fidget Spinner, the latest fashion among Millennials

The companies that produce smartphones are always looking for a new design that allows their device to be unique. Nowadays, cell phones are super thin and making a few DIY changes is very easy. For example, you can turn your iPhone 7 into a Fidget Spinner, the latest fashion among Millennials around the world.

If you're wondering what are Fidget Spinners, the answer is very simple: triangular-shaped spinning tops that have made millions of teenagers fall in love. In addition to the central pin that allows the spinner to turn, the Fidget Spinner is also composed of other "rotating elements" placed at the three corners of the object. In short, a hi-tech spinning top that is becoming the classic summer catchphrase. In the U.S., a group of guys, has decided to exploit the hype generated by the product and transform their iPhone 7 (a smartphone from over 700 euros) in a Fidget Spinner. The process is not very simple, but the result is assured

How to turn the iPhone 7 into a Fidget Spinner

First of all there is a premise: don't try this at home. The work carried out by the American guys was only possible because they had experience in the field and above all because they use the right tools. In addition, to make such a change the smartphone must be broken, otherwise you will destroy an iPhone 7, device from over 700 euros.

To begin to make your own "golden Fidget Spinner" you must look for the center of the smartphone and pierce it with the drill. The operation will have to be performed with gloves that protect against possible electric shocks. After drilling the iPhone 7 you will have to connect to the drill a round tip in order to enlarge the "hole" and insert the central pin of the Fidget Spinner. This step is quite delicate and it will be necessary to do a little 'force so that the drill manages to drill the resistant "bark" of the iPhone 7. Completed this operation you can insert the pin of the spinner and start using the iPhone 7 as if it were a Fidget Spinner. The U.S. guys have used the same technique on an iPhone 5S and an Android smartphone. In order for the modification to succeed perfectly, the size of the device must be quite small otherwise you will not be able to use the Fidget Spinner.