IPhone, 70 new emoji to celebrate World Emoji Day

Apple on the occasion of World Emoji Day has released 70 new emoticons for its iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and iPad users, here are the funniest ones

To celebrate World Emoji Day 2018, which occurs every year on July 17, Apple has unveiled a new pack of emoticons that can be used on various devices from Cupertino. From the smiley face with a birthday party hat and trumpet to the woman with red hair, here are the funniest ones.

Through a free software update, Apple has added 70 new smilies on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. The new pack of emoji will specifically cover hair. For example after many requests from users finally from our Apple smartphone we will be able to send the smiley face of the woman with red hair. But we will find in the new update of emoji for iPhone dedicated to the World Emoji Day also heads without hair and also gray hair and curly hair. Of course, all these new features will be available in various skin colors as has been the tradition for several years now in the world of emoji.

Apple's new funny faces

In addition to the new hair options Apple's latest software update to celebrate World Emoji Day also includes a face with an ice cream face, another with a hat and trumpet typical of birthday parties and even a face filled with kisses as well as one that begs. As for animals, always popular on the Web, the package is enriched by offering Apple users also a peacock and lobsters to be able to communicate on messaging applications and social media.

As for food instead, the new update of Apple emoticons includes the introduction of a lettuce, cupcakes, mango and a series of new cakes. Among the weirder emoji you'll find a Nazar amulet, which they say serves to ward off the evil eye. There's also an infinity symbol and a new superhero, both in male and female versions. It's unclear why, but Apple's 70 new emoji include an orange ball of wool.