IPhone 7s, the fingerprint sensor moved to the back of the device

On a Chinese site appeared a photo of the iPhone 7s with the fingerprint sensor placed on the back, but according to some experts it is a fake

The attention of users is all on the new iPhone 8, but Apple is ready to launch two other devices at the same time: the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. From Chinese site Feng come the first images about how the new iPhone 7s should be.

From the photo the most interesting aspect is the fingerprint reader. The sensor instead of being integrated into the screen, as announced, is located at the back of the smartphone, just below the Apple logo. If this indiscretion is confirmed, it would be a historic revolution in design for the Cupertino company. Moreover, it would mean that Apple still hasn't managed to integrate the fingerprint sensor inside the screen and therefore iPhone 8 should also look the same. Although, according to sources close to Apple, the 10th anniversary iPhone will have the sensor integrated as a distinctive feature of the model.

How will the iPhone 7s

Although from the photo it may really look like an iPhone 7s, there is no shortage of skeptics on the Net. For some it is just a copy made ad hoc for the Chinese site. And to generate hype on the web. There are, in fact, several reasons to believe that the image appeared on the Chinese website Feng is actually a fake. For example, in the front of the smartphone, in the photo, you can clearly see the physical Home button. It does not explain why Apple should twist the design of the phone when it could keep the traditional line by putting the fingerprint scanner in the Home button. In short, to have the confirmations or denials we have to wait for the month of September when Apple, along with the long-awaited iPhone 8, will unveil to the world the new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.