IPhone 8 in glass, the latest rumors for wireless charging

The new Apple smartphone will probably be released in the fall of 2017 and will be made all of glass to facilitate wireless charging of the device

The wait for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has just faded and yet fans of the Cupertino-based company are already thinking about the next smartphone signed by Apple. The news and rumors about it have been many. Among the latest, the most exciting is the one about the design: iPhone 8 will be made entirely of glass.

The new all-glass iPhone for fast charging. iPhone 8 is expected to be launched on the market by Apple towards the beginning of next fall. The company will greatly revolutionize the design with the new line of iPhones that will be made entirely of glass. Some wonder if the camera will also remain inside the material as well as it does on Huawei Honor 8. The transition from metal to glass is important not only for an aesthetic factor. Apple, in fact, wants to equip its new smartphones with wireless charging thanks to suitable devices. The glass in this sense allows extremely shorter charging times than the metal that is currently used.

The collaboration between Apple and Pegatron

To make the glass components of the new iPhone 8 should be the company Pegatron. This is a Taiwanese company that builds parts for most of the world's electronics brands. Apple's goal is to create a wireless charger that can be carried with ease. It will have to be small enough to be used even while we're calling. Most importantly, it will need to charge very quickly. The iPhone 8 will not be limited to wireless charging on pads suitable to be inserted into furniture or desks. It will be possible to charge it without the use of the classic charger while we are using it. Praticamente quasi senza neanche accorgercene.

L’uscita dei nuovi tre modelli di iPhone

iphone-tasto-home-1.jpgFonte foto: BeHance

Rendering dell’iPhone 8 senza tasto Home. Cliccando sulla foto potrai visualizzare tutte le novità iPhone 8 rivelate sinora

Sin qui Apple ha lanciato sul mercato un nuovo iPhone seguendo due tipologie di prodotto: quella da 4,7 pollici e la variante da 5,5. A queste due tipologie con schermo ai cristalli liquidi Apple vorrebbe aggiungere una terza da 5,1 o 5,2 pollici con schermi OLED. Anche se in questo senso le certezze di una effettiva uscita in mercato non ci sono. Mentre il tasto per le impronte digitali sarà incluso all’interno dello schermo. Nel 2017 si tratterà del decimo anniversario per il dispositivo Apple più famoso, e per questo motivo è certo che iPhone 8 porterà con sé numerose e importanti novità.