iPhone 8 release, the presentation there will be on September 12

Apple confirms the presentation date of the iPhone 8: appointment on September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater. On sale from September 22

It's official: the iPhone 8 will be presented on September 12. After rumors released in previous days by U.S. newspapers, now comes the official directly from the Cupertino company. With a message sent to the press, Apple has invited everyone to the first official event to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater, the theater located inside Apple Park, the new headquarters of the company.

Although the message does not specify what devices will be presented, the suspect number one is the iPhone 8. The new Apple smartphone (whose name is not yet known exactly, since this year is the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone) will be completely different from the previous model: the iPhone 8 should have a screen that occupies most of the front of the device, a horizontal function bar that will replace the home button and facial recognition instead of Touch ID.

How will the iPhone 8

Apple is ready to revolutionize the design of its smartphone, offering its fans the iPhone with the largest screen ever (between 5.7'' and 5.8''). But that's not all. The iPhone of the Decade will also have a dual camera vertically placed to take full advantage of the new ARKit platform dedicated to applications in virtual reality. In recent months the rumors around the iPhone 8 have been many and the features still secret are very few. To find out how the iPhone 8 will be, just wait until September 12, the day of the presentation. As for the time, the event is for 10 am in Cupertino, 7 pm in Italy.

When the iPhone 8 comes out

In addition to the date of presentation of iPhone 8, from the United States also come news about the date of release in stores of the smartphone. The IPhone 8 should be available for purchase from September 22 in all Apple stores.

Not just iPhone 8

The first event at the Steve Jobs Theater will also be an opportunity to see other Apple devices. The spotlight, in fact, will not only be on the iPhone Anniversary Edition, but also on the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, updated versions of the device released last year. According to the latest rumors, moreover, the Cupertino company should also present the Apple Watch 3 and the new Apple TV. In short, an event in grand style to inaugurate the Apple Park and the Steve Jobs Theater.