IPhone 8 with wireless charging, everything you know so far

We are several months away from the presentation of the device, but rumors and rumors have revealed it almost completely. Will it correspond to the truth?

Not even two months have passed since the presentation. Marketing, on the other hand, began just over a month ago. Despite this, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus already seem to be part of the distant past. For weeks, in fact, there has been nothing but talk of iPhone 8.

And to say that it is not yet known if Apple has already begun production and if the name will actually be this. Despite everything, the rumors about the iPhone 8 do not stop: if in the past days we talked about the Home button destined to disappear, edge-to-edge display (like the Xiaomi Mix) OLED and curved, glass back and three models of different sizes, today we talk about the charging mode of the next applefonino. The rumors come, not even to mention it, from China: according to some analysts, in fact, Foxconn (Apple's historical supplier) is preparing to put into production chips and components for wireless charging.

The anniversary iPhone

A feature that would allow the iPhone 8 to close the technological gap that, for some years now, separates it from direct competitors such as Pixel (and Nexus first) and Samsung. And say the house of Cupertino would have had patents, already filed in past years, to choose from in order to recharge its devices remotely (not only smartphones or tablets, but also iMac). The inductive charging on iPhone, moreover, would allow Apple to eliminate, in the short term, the Lightning connector present in the lower part of the iPhone. In short, the road to full waterproofing of the Apple Phone now seems to be paved.

Wireless charging could be, in short, the icing on the cake of a special device, at least for Apple. In 2017, in fact, the iPhone will be 10 years old and it is not at all to exclude that the Californian company will want to surprise the public with a revolutionary device again.

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