IPhone, an update arrives that fixes some problems: here are the ones

Apple is releasing to iPhone and iPad users in these hours iOS 13.6.1, the latest version of its mobile operating system: here are all the problems fixed

Apple is releasing to iPhone and iPad users in these hours iOS 13.6.1, the latest version of its mobile operating system. This is an update that brings mainly bug fixes, some of which are quite annoying, such as the one that caused strange green tints on the screen.

No real news or new features with this update, then, that we could define "service". However, it must be downloaded to keep the device updated, and therefore safe and efficient. Among the bugs solved, in fact, there is also the one that prevents a proper thermal management of the iPhone/iPad that, in the long run, could cause a premature aging of the hardware. Many users, even in Italy, have already received the notification about the update to iOS 13.6.1. Those who have not yet received it, however, can go to Settings > General > Software Update and look for the update.

iOS 13.6.1: the problems solved

Apparently the problem of green tints that some displays display for no apparent reason comes from the error of temperature management. Error that has been fixed with this the update to iOS 13.6.1. Also fixed was an issue with Covid-19 exposure notifications, which were disabled for some users and now work again.

Another annoying issue Apple fixed with iOS 13.6.1 is the one related to the failure to delete unnecessary system files that, normally, the operating system should delete by itself when storage space on the device starts to run low. Some users claim that after updating their iPhones to iOS 13.6.1, they gained over 10GB of storage space thanks precisely to the unnecessary files that were deleted.

iOS 13.6.1, not everything has been fixed

On blogs, forums and Reddit not all iPhone users are convinced that iOS 13.6.1 is the solution to all their problems. As for the green tint of the screen, for example, some claim to see it when they first turn on the device (thus cold). Others, however, complain of excessive power consumption and, consequently, poor battery life. Apple, therefore, probably hasn't fixed some small and big bugs in its mobile operating system yet.