IPhone and augmented reality: 5 free apps to try right now

Thanks to the ARKit platform and iOS 11, Apple users will be able to try apps that use augmented reality on their smartphones

The arrival of iOS 11, in addition to changing some settings to save space on our iPhone's memory and increasing the security of our devices, brings with it the introduction of augmented reality on iPhones. With the new ARKit platform we will finally be able to try out different apps designed specifically for AR.

The entry of augmented reality in smartphones will change our user experience forever. Thanks to this technology it will be easier to navigate maps or get information about stores and clubs in our vicinity. Obviously AR will also radically change videogames for smartphones. Thanks to the possibilities offered by augmented reality we will be able to play our favorite games using real scenarios, such as our home or the park below our house. So here's a list for those who already own an iPhone with ARKit and iOS 11 to find out which are the best free apps for augmented reality currently on the App Store.

Night Sky

Let's start with a free app that will thrill all lovers of the stars and the universe. Night Sky is a program that allows us to explore space in augmented reality. Aside from the free version, there's also a premium version with more features, but already with the free app you'll be able to see the location of major planets, constellations, stars and artificial satellites around us.

Stack AR

ARKit is introducing a lot of augmented reality games. Among the most fun ones are Stack AR. It's a free app in which we have to create a tower made of slabs. It's very similar to other titles without augmented reality that can be found on the App Store, but the addition of this game is that we can see our construction grow in front of us in 3D.

Hoop Stars

Basketball fans? Then Hoop Stars is for you. In this game we simply have to make a basket. From any position and from any distance. The beauty of this title is that we will really see in front of us the court and the basket.

The Walking Dead

Remaining in the theme of video games one of the most anticipated titles is The Walking Dead: Our World. It is a video game inspired by the famous American television series that has a game plan similar to Pokemon Go. Thanks to geolocalized augmented reality we will have to ally ourselves with the protagonists of the series in order to defeat enemies and zombies.

AR MeasureKit

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Time to move? With ARKit it will be very easy to take the measurements of the rooms we need to furnish. There are several applications developed for this purpose that are completely free on the App Store. Among the best are AR MeasureKit, PLNAR and Magicplan.

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