iPhone becomes a remote control: clues from the interface

A new remote control icon was introduced in the beta version of iOS 12.2, signaling that you'll be able to change channels on your TV using your iPhone

The iPhone will become a remote control. Or at least it will allow you to change channels to televisions that support AirPlay 2. This is what emerges from the technical specifications released by Apple for the fourth version of the iOS 12.2 beta, the next release of Cupertino's mobile operating system that should be officially released in the coming weeks.

Apple has been working on the new version of iOS 12 for a few months to make the operating system that has shown to have some problems more stable. The new version of the iOS 12.2 beta brings with it some new features. In addition to the feature that will turn the iPhone into a remote control, Apple has introduced a new icon for the News app, a prelude to the subscription service that will allow you to read exclusive content from major newspapers (only available in the U.S.), and has changed the "About" page (found within Settings) by reorganizing its content.

How to use the iPhone to change channels

The feature to turn the iPhone into a remote control has been placed within the Control Center and can be activated very easily. Just press the new remote control icon and have a third-party TV that supports AirPlay 2. Once you sync your smartphone with your TV, you'll be able to change channels with your iPhone.

The "About" page, on the other hand, has undergone a simple reorganization to make the information inside clearer. Nothing that will change the user experience.

The beta 4 of iOS 12.2 was released on Monday, March 4 and in the coming days will be available to all beta testers. If there are no bugs to fix, it could be the last version before the official release of iOS 12.2, a version that promises to make Apple's operating system more stable.