IPhone: if the battery lasts too little try deleting this app

The most recent iPhones have improved autonomy, but a sudden problem with a famous app has generated nightmares in several Apple customers

The optimization between hardware and software is today one of the most important elements for the success of a product. In short, the ability of dialogue between two components, the physical one - the hardware - and the immaterial one that controls it - the software - makes the difference. And lately, an app just doesn't seem to get along with iPhones, even the newest iPhone 13.

The relationship between Spotify and many iPhones became complicated upon the release of iOS 15, the all-new operating system that Apple rolled out early last week. Hundreds of users first, then thousands, have crowded the discussion platforms on the internet complaining about a sudden and substantial reduction in the autonomy of their iPhones, noting an abnormal consumption of resources by Spotify. Initially, it was thought that iOS 15 was responsible for the problem, then the same complaints from those who had stayed with iOS 14.8 provided a different perspective on the affair.

Users protesting battery

The problem of the battery life suddenly dropping considerably manifested itself to several people who chose an iPhone as their daily adventure companion. So many of them flocked to the discussion platform Reddit, which after a few days was literally flooded with reports in which the culprit clearly emerged.

"Suddenly Spotify started draining my battery in a major way - writes for example one of the many users affected by the problem - A session that normally consumed between 10 and 15% of the autonomy, suddenly impacts 40 or 60%, with a lot of overheating of the iPhone with the Spotify app open".

He is echoed by another user, also on Reddit, who says: "Spotify drains my iPhone 12 Pro in an absurd way. I have a feeling the problem arose with iOS 15. For example, Spotify has already drained 30 percent of my battery despite being used about a quarter of the time compared to Facebook and other apps."

And there are plenty of testimonials of the same tenor. It seems that the problem also affects those who own an iPhone with iOS 15 but also with iOS version 14.8. So the problem should not be related to the latest operating system released by Apple, but rather to a poor optimization of the latest version of the Spotify iPhone app for those two iOS versions, namely 15 and 14.8.

Spotify, overwhelmed by the reports, admitted the problem and promised to investigate. "Thank you for your reports of abnormal app consumption on iPhones running iOS 15 and 14.8," the company wrote, "We have reported the issue to the appropriate team, who are already working to investigate the matter further.

Two alternative solutions to uninstalling

Spotify, in the same note, suggests an alternative solution to removing the app, so far the only one found by fans that really solves the problem (but certainly not ideal for those who pay Spotify Premium).

The Swedish streaming giant suggests uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and if that doesn't work, try disabling the background update. You need to go into the iPhone's settings under General, tap Update Background App and remove permission from the Spotify app. Waiting for a fix update.