IPhone Pro 11, version with Titanic parts costs like a car

Do you think the iPhone 11 costs too much? Maybe it's because you haven't heard of the Russian version made with Titanic parts yet

The Russians at Caviar are back in the news. A few weeks after the launch of the iPhone 11, the company famous for the ultra-luxury versions of top of the range smartphones presents "its" version of the latest generation Apple Phone. And unlike in the past years, the peculiarity is not (only) in the material with which it was made: this time Caviar wanted to embellish the iPhone 11 Pro by setting in the back a real unique piece.

The iPhone 11 Pro Titanic Edition, as the name suggests, features within a tiny niche a microfragment of Titanic, the famous ocean liner that sank over a century ago during its maiden voyage. A real unique piece, considering that the ship is fast dissolving in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

iPhone 11 Titanic Edition: how is it and how much does it cost

In terms of specifications, the iPhone 11 Pro Titanic Edition is identical to the model put on the market by Apple a few weeks earlier. Same A13 Bionic chip, same set of cameras, same display. Changes, however, the body: in the Russian model is made of black titanium, with embossed decorations on the back. In the lower part we find the squiggles that should remind the waves of the sea that swallowed the hull of the Titanic, while in the central part we find the icon inside which is kept the precious relic.

Manufactured in just 10 copies (all numbered), the iPhone 11 Pro Titanic Edition is shipped in an elegant leather and velvet case with gold inlay. Pricing starts at €7,330 for the 64-gigabyte Pro version all the way up to $8,510 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512 gigabytes of storage.

The iPhone 11 Pro Titanic Edition is available in the iPhone 11 Titanic Edition.