IPhone SE 2 canceled: Apple bets everything on iPhone X Plus 2018

According to the latest rumors Apple would definitely cancel the launch for iPhone SE 2, already postponed several times and scheduled for the fall of 2018

In recent weeks there had been much talk about the second generation of iPhone SE, the low-cost smartphone from the house of Apple. Cupertino, however, makes it known that surprisingly the iPhone SE 2 will be canceled from production. Apple for 2018 in fact wants to focus everything on the release of the new iPhone X Plus.

In recent months Cupertino had thought of making an iPhone SE 2, smaller than the models currently on the market but still equipped with notch, the notch at the top of the screen, with a bezel-less screen and also with facial recognition. The launch of the iPhone SE 2 was initially scheduled for spring 2018, but after some delays, the official presentation had been postponed to September 2018, in conjunction with the launch of the next top of the range of the bitten apple. As mentioned, however, it seems that Apple has abandoned the plan to make the iPhone SE 2, preferring to focus

Apple: goodbye to the new iPhone SE 2

Cupertino thought to eliminate the launch of the iPhone SE 2 planned for the fall in order not to divert attention from the expected presentation of the three new top-of-the-line models of iPhone X and iPhone X Plus. Sources close to Apple had spoken of a joint presentation for iPhone X Plus and iPhone SE 2 but evidently the U.S. company has changed its plans in the race. However, this is a big blow for users who are fond of Apple devices and were waiting for the launch of a cheaper smartphone than the other models. The cancellation of the iPhone SE 2 will also turn the nose up at that small niche of consumers who do not like the smartphones currently on the market because of the too large screen size. The iPhone SE 2 in fact would have had a screen between 4 and 5 inches. Currently, however, it's hard to find phones this far below 6 inches.

The hope is that Apple, once the excitement over the new 2018 iPhone X Plus launch has died down, will give the SE 2 a chance again. Maybe with a surprise presentation before the end of the year. However, it must be said that some experts close to Cupertino believe that this is all a staging by Apple to draw more attention to the market niche interested in iPhone SE 2. This way if during the presentation of iPhone X Plus the surprise generated by a sudden launch of iPhone SE 2 might not make the budget model of the iPhone go unnoticed.