IPhone SE 2, confirmed the notch, but launch postponed to September

According to new rumors, the new iPhone SE 2 will not be launched before September 2018. Confirmed, however, the rumors about the notch and Face ID

In recent days has grown the anticipation on iPhone SE 2, the smartphone "small and cheap" of the house Apple. Numerous rumors close to Cupertino hinted at an imminent launch of the device between May and June 2018. Instead, Apple has made it known that we won't see iPhone SE 2 on the market until September 2018.

Despite this delay on the official launch the rumors about the new design and new features for iPhone Se 2 have all been confirmed. This means that users who will buy the device will really have a "small iPhone X" in their hands.

In fact, iPhone SE 2 will have the notch, which is the typical notch at the top of the screen typical of Apple's top of the range and will also have Face ID, the sensor for face recognition. They are instead discordant ideas about the size of the screen of the new Apple smartphone. Previously several sources close to Cupertino had spoken of a display of at least 5 inches while now new rumors speak of a screen unchanged from the past. That means just over 4 inches. Really small by the standards of current smartphones. Even if in "Lite" version.

iPhone SE 2, release date postponed to September

Why has Apple postponed the launch of iPhone SE 2? Again, there are several hypotheses. Probably in truth Cupertino has not yet decided on the final design of the smartphone, mainly because of the discourse related to the size of the screen. Secondly, it is possible that Apple may place the official launch of iPhone SE 2 together with the presentation of the iPhone X update, also this event scheduled for September 2018.

Features iPhone SE 2: headphone jack and glass back

Among the new rumors about iPhone SE 2 circulated in these hours we find the glossy glass shell for the back of the smartphone and the presence of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. A true rarity on the phones of Cupertino. And the doubts in fact remain. As for the processor, it is likely that iPhone SE 2 mountsĀ Apple A10 Fusion (already seen on iPhone 7) supported by 2GB of RAM and 32 or 128GB of non-expandable internal memory. The iPhone SE 2 will be made in India in Apple's Wistron factory.