IPhone SE 2, features and release date of the low-cost smartphone

Apple would be ready to launch the iPhone SE 2 between May and June. The smartphone will have the 4-inch screen and features of the iPhone 7

The iPhone SE 2 will hit the market between May and June 2018. Supporting the report compiled by Digitimes in the past months, now comes the confirmation of the Russian certification body. In addition to developing three new devices for September (including an iPhone X with a 6.1-inch LCD screen), the Cupertino-based company would also be willing to repurpose a low-cost model with a 4-inch screen.

According to the latest rumors, the iPhone SE 2 is expected to have very similar features to the iPhone 7. As the world of smartphones moves towards larger and larger displays, Apple would like to please all those users who are looking for compact devices. The iPhone SE 2 should also have a lower price than the "classic" Cupertino's devices. Certainly it will not be a low cost smartphone, but it will be accessible to a wider audience of users. Now, thanks to the Russian body, we have more details also with respect to the date of release iPhone SE 2: it is more than likely that the low cost iPhone will be presented during the WWDC 2018, scheduled for June.

Features iPhone SE 2

For the iPhone SE 2 Apple will not invent anything new, but will use hardware components already used on previous models. Inside the smartphone should find place the A10 Fusion chipset with 2GB of RAM and 32GB/128GB of internal storage. Same features present on the iPhone 7, in short. The screen, as mentioned above, will be 4.2 inches and will have a rather compact size. The form ratio of the panel will probably be 16:9. No news regarding the photographic compartment, but it is obvious that the rear camera will have a single sensor. The battery will be 1700mAh.

The iPhone SE 2 will not have in the front the sensors for 3D face scanning present on the iPhone X and the models that Apple is developing for the September 2018 event. Very likely the return of the sensor for fingerprints. According to the latest images coming from the Far East, the back of the iPhone SE 2 should be covered with glass: a choice dictated both by aesthetic and functional reasons: it could also be that the cheap iPhone will be equipped with wireless charging, as well as the latest models presented by the Cupertino house. Somewhat surprisingly,  also returns the 3.5 mm jack for headphones: a choice "retro", which makes Apple back a few years.

When the iPhone SE 2

The low-cost smartphone should be launched between the end of May and early June. It is not excluded that it will be presented at WWDC 2018, the event that Apple organizes every year for developers, scheduled for June 4. As for the price of the iPhone SE 2, it is difficult to make predictions. Most likely Apple will try to keep costs down and launch the smartphone at a price below 500-600 euros.