IPhone SE 3 will be the same as iPhone SE 2

IPhone SE third generation is close to the debut: this is claimed by some rumors, according to which even SE 3 will be faithful to the philosophy of its predecessors

Apple continues in the same direction inaugurated in 2016, when it presented a philosophically unprecedented iPhone: was first-generation SE, a product with the design of iPhone 5/5s but with many specifications, including chips, of the powerful and expensive iPhones of that generation, namely iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The project ended up on standby for a couple of years until 2020, when Apple decided to bring it back with a new model, the second-generation iPhone SE. The generational leap there has been, but the philosophy behind it has remained totally unchanged: design of several years earlier, specifically that of the iPhone 8, but a technical prospectus aligned with that of the iPhone 11, complete with the latest and most powerful chip made by Apple. The operation of Apple has received a lot of criticism, but evidently the numbers have given another kind of verdict, and that's why Apple is ready to try again: in the pipeline there is iPhone SE 3, the third generation.

Design is not very modern, but the "heart" is very young

No aesthetic revolution on the horizon for iPhone SE 3. To support this is a Japanese source, according to which the next iPhone economic and previous generation launched in 2020 will be almost indistinguishable. Maybe some new coloring will arrive, but that aside rumors do not predict any aesthetic changes.

Inside instead something will change, but there will be no upheaval. Apple plans to equip iPhone SE 3 with the latest chip made, the very powerful A15 Bionic that equips both iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. It's not surprising that the company has chosen to include a high-end chip in a relatively inexpensive product like the iPhone SE 3: the company did the same in 2020 with its predecessor, and according to rumors will do the same for the project on which it is working.

This time around, however, the gain would be double, because iPhone SE 3 thanks to the "services" of the A15 Bionic chip will gain 5G connectivity, which will make it much more suitable than its predecessor to face the future. It is not clear whether the 3GB of RAM memory of the latter will remain unchanged even on iPhone SE 3, but if not, rumors predict 4 GB, the same amount of the iPhone 13 and 13 mini.

Compact display, there is the beloved Touch ID

End of news according to the latest rumors and according to the anticipations that had arrived in the summer from the reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claimed that Apple was planning just a slight revision of the project of 2020, ie some changes aimed at features but with unchanged aesthetics.

The fact that the stylistic structure of iPhone SE 3 remains unchanged means the presence of the known 4.7-inch IPS display with bezels around well evident, not very modern of course but that leave enough space for the placement of physical Touch ID, that fingerprint reader that many Apple customers would like to return in place of Face ID, especially after a year of pandemic.

Finally, it is said that mass production of the iPhone SE 3 is expected to go into full swing in December so that it can start marketing in the first quarter of 2022. The price, according to rumors, would remain the same as the current generation.