IPhone, the battery drains too fast, how to fix the problem

If the iPhone battery drains quickly and is giving you problems, here's how to fix the problem in a few simple steps

In recent days, after Apple released the latest version of its iOS mobile operating system, the 13.6, many users are complaining about an abnormal consumption of the battery of their iPhone. Very abnormal: the battery lasts barely half a day, even if the iPhone is used very little.

To tell the truth, it's not the first time that iOS users experience a drop in battery life after updating the operating system: recently it happened with iOS 13.5.1, just to give an example. This time, however, the consumption is really excessive and inexplicable, also because it does not affect all iPhone models, nor all examples of the same model. But smartphones with this problem become difficult to use until evening on a single charge. A situation, given the price of the devices, completely intolerable. Among the reports, however, there are also those of users who have solved the problem. Here's how.

iOS 13.6: how to fix the battery problem

Unfortunately, the only way that would seem to be effective in bringing the iPhone battery back to health is to reset the settings. Luckily, though, this is not a full reset to factory settings, so your personal data and files are not deleted. To perform this type of reset, we need to go to Settings > General > Reset and then choose "Restore all settings" (but we must not select "Initialize content and settings", or we will reset to factory state). Usually, after restoring the iPhone in this way, you just need to recharge it again and the battery comes back to last for a long time, exactly as long as before.

iOS 13.6: why the battery drains quickly

In light of this DIY, but effective solution, it is clear that with iOS 13.6 on some iPhones some settings are set that send some parts of the operating system into tilt, causing abnormal battery consumption. It's blatantly a bug, which Apple will probably fix in the next update. Those who agree to restore settings in order to get back to using the iPhone normally, therefore, may also try to restore individual groups of settings and not all of them. You can choose between Restore Network Settings, Restore Keyboard Dictionary, Restore Home Screen Layout, and Reset Location and Privacy. The first and last settings are the ones that are likely to affect battery consumption the most.