IPhone, with iOS 14 comes two new “secret” keys

Two new "secret" keys with iOS 14 for iPhone: a couple of features to keep in mind when using Apple's operating system

The new version of Apple's operating system, iOS 14, is nearing release and more and more features and functionality are being unveiled. A couple of them have gone a bit unnoticed, however, but they are worth pointing out, such as the tap on the back of the iPhone and the setting of shortcuts.

While most users have focused on the arrival of widgets on the Home screen or the ability to choose their favorite browser as the default, the "back tap" or tap on the back of the smartphone, is something not to be underestimated. The new feature allows you to activate functions simply by making a double or triple tap on the back of the iPhone, which is no longer just the "place" where we find the camera, but thus finds its usefulness in the operation of the smartphone itself. A feature that could prove useful and pleasing to users, so much so that even Android smartphones could in the future develop for their users. To be considered, also the possibility to set shortcuts from the Commands item, to be used perhaps with the tap on the back.

iPhone, how to set the tap on the back with iOS 14

The tap on the back is a new feature that improves the accessibility of the iPhone with the arrival of the iOS 14 version of Apple's operating system. Just double-tap or triple-tap directly on the back of the phone to take screenshots of the screen, activate VoiceOver and even launch the Google Assistant. There are many actions and functions you can take advantage of by tapping on the back, which can be activated on your iPhone running iOS 14 easily by following these steps:

Settings > Accessibility > Tap > Back Tap > Double Tap or Triple Tap.

It will then open a list of actions you can access, assigning yourself the type of tap you're interested in.

iOS 14, set up your shortcuts in Commands

Apple's operating system also allows you to enter some shortcuts to make your user experience better and more effective. For example, to turn on the flash with a tap or open the camera app right away. Just the use of the shortcuts you prefer in your iPhone with iOS 14, can be managed simply from the back with a double or triple tap. To do so, follow this path: open Commands, tap on the "plus" icon in the top right corner and select "Create Command" and then select "Add Action". From here, you'll be able to set the shortcut you prefer. Then look in the "Open App" bar, select "Choose", then click on the app you want and go ahead, name your shortcut. Go back into the settings, where you'll follow the path to set the tap on the back to open the shortcut and start using it whenever you find it most convenient.