IPhone X 2018, better battery life thanks to chip devised by Apple

Apple is working on an innovative power chip that will improve the battery life and speed up the charging of the upcoming iPhone X

The new iPhone X planned for 2018 are still far from their official presentation yet Apple has already made it known that the devices will mount an "innovative power system". This suggests that the battery of the 2018 iPhone X will be ultra-long lasting.

Apple in recent times has been working on a chip, designed and manufactured entirely by Cupertino, that allows optimizing battery consumption in smartphones. It is likely that in the testing stages Apple will also get help from its trusted supplier in battery-related components, namely TSMC. The power chip designed by Cupertino manages the iPhone's charge, optimizes power consumption and avoids battery life drops. In itself, the chip is not a big news. It is a tool that all smartphones nowadays mount. But what we will see on the iPhone X 2018 will be the best ever produced.

The innovative chip for iPhone X

Apple has decided to work on a chip because from the first findings the autonomy of the iPhone X is not at the same level as other top of the range on the market. To solve this problem Apple is thinking of a tool that can interact with the battery and able to independently resolve any drop in performance and duration. In addition to increasing the autonomy of the iPhone X, the chip will allow faster recharges. Especially the wireless one. At the moment, in fact, wireless charging on iPhone X is anything but fast. According to sources close to Cupertino these particular power chips in 2018 will be included only in the most expensive models of the upcoming iPhone X while from 2019 will be mounted on most Apple devices. So even on the iPads. It will be interesting to see how Android manufacturers will react to this news, Samsung above all, and what will Apple suppliers of battery components that will remain excluded from the design of the new iPhones.