IPhone X 2018 coming soon: 6-inch display and colored body

Apple will launch its new line of mid-range smartphones this fall, these are devices with LCD screen, facial recognition and 6-inch screen

Apple is going to put some color on the iPhone X 2018 range. Cupertino's mid-range smartphones will, in fact, be available on the market in different colors, some even really garish. This is a choice very similar to the one made by Apple in 2013 with the colored body of the iPhone 5c.

What is the meaning of this eccentric turn of Cupertino? Simple, the different colors serve to differentiate the mid-range models from the two other iPhone X models, these instead top of the line, which Apple will launch after the summer probably along with the new iPhone SE 2. In addition, the cheaper 2018 iPhone X range is aimed at a target audience of young users who are looking more for fun looks over sleek design on a smartphone. Compared to the top of the range releases, which mount OLED screen, the new iPhone X 2018 will have LCD technology displays. While it is unclear whether the body will be made of metal or plastic. Although sources close to Cupertino rule out this second possibility.

6.1-inch iPhone X 2018

The new mid-range iPhone X will have a 6.1-inch screen with the aforementioned edge-to-edge LCD display and facial recognition. According to early rumors, the phone might also have a second slot to insert two SIM cards. In addition, the rear camera is expected to be dual and the absence of wireless charging confirms rumors of a possible metal shell at the back of the 2018 iPhone X. At the moment, analysts are divided on many aspects of the new Apple smartphone. For some it will be called iPhone X to give continuity to the new line, for others it could be called iPhone 8s and for others simply iPhone. Doubts that remain even on the final price. the iPhone X with LCD screen in the cheapest forecasts will cost about 600 euros, in the least economic forecasts about 700 euros. What is certain is the period in which the new colored iPhone will be presented by Apple: autumn 2018.