IPhone X 2018, features revealed: 4GB of RAM and new SoC

The famous app for smartphone benchmark analysis Geekbench has released some features on the new iPhone X 2018: 4GB of RAM and new processor

With the approach of the official presentation by Apple of the new iPhone X, scheduled for the end of September 2018, on the Net begin to circulate several rumors about the likely features of the new top-of-the-line smartphones made by Cupertino.

The famous smartphone benchmarking application Geekbench, which several times in the past has accurately anticipated the features present on the new iPhones, has released some information about the 2018 iPhone X. What seems certain is that Apple's new smartphones will be even faster and more preformant than previous models thanks to a new processor. On board the new iPhone X 2018 we will find a new version of the A11 Bionic processor already seen on the 2017 version. In support, however, we will find 4GB of RAM compared to the 3GB present in the previous model of iPhone X. Small improvements that will make iPhone X 2018 one of the most preformant smartphones among those on the market.

iPhone X 2018: more RAM and faster

In addition to improvements in the processor and in the amount of RAM available, the new iPhone will also be faster thanks to the enhanced cache from 32KB to 128KB. In the first test done by Geekbench, the single-core results were 10% better than those done with the 2017 version of the iPhone X. While it slightly drops to 5% the improvement of iPhone X 2018 in multi-core tests compared to the previous version of the same Apple smartphone. It must be said, however, that it is possible that the improvements are even more significant. The Geekbench rating system may not be optimized to analyze a brand new processor like the one we'll find on the new iPhone X 2018.

So for now what's sure is that Apple's new flagship smartphone will have 4GB instead of 3GB as seen last year and that on board the new iPhone X 2018 we'll find a brand new processor. For more detailed information we just have to wait for the official presentation planned by Cupertino for the beginning of autumn 2018.