IPhone X 2018, three models coming out next year

Apple in 2018 will launch three new iPhone X: a 6.5-inch Plus model, a "budget" device and one with a 5.8-inch screen. The design will be borderless

We have arrived at that time of the year when rumors about the next iPhone begin to become more and more consistent. All major insiders converge on the same point: Apple will unveil as many as three new iPhone models in September 2018: two will be successors to the iPhone X, while the third will be a low-cost model with an LCD screen. For the Cupertino company, it would be the second attempt to launch a budget smartphone after the iPhone 5C.

The 2018 iPhone X will be made in two versions: the first will have a 5.8-inch OLED screen, like the one released last year, while the second model will be called Plus and will have a 6.5-inch display. The new iPhone X will roughly follow the model of last year: in addition to the OLED screen, there will be the TrueDepth Camera and the front notch (the "notch" present at the top of the screen). These two models will be joined by the low-cost iPhone with LCD screen. Although of economic has very little: the price of the iPhone X 2018 with LCD screen should be between 650 and 750 dollars depending on the version chosen. In fact, Apple will produce two models: the first with a single SIM slot, while the second will be dual-SIM.

How will the iPhone X 2018

From the rumors coming from the Far East and the United States, it is possible to begin to outline broadly how the iPhone X 2018 will be. Let's start with the screen. The two models will differ in the size of the display: the smaller one will have a 5.8-inch screen (like the iPhone X released this year), while the iPhone X Plus 2018 will have a 6.5-inch OLED panel. The phones will feature a borderless design even more extreme than the iPhone X (the notch should be smaller).

Still too early to talk about the hardware compartment. Surely there will be a new chipset, of which, however, nothing is known. Same for RAM and battery. Interesting news, however, on the internal memory: Apple would be ready to equip the iPhone X 2018 with a 512GB memory card.  Confirmed the presence of TrueDepth Camera that allows facial recognition through 3D scanning of the face and the front notch where there are all the sensors of the smartphone.

iPhone X 2018 LCD will be dual Sim

After presenting a low-cost model of the iPad, Apple seems to want to propose the same solution for the world of smartphones. In addition to the two models of iPhone X with OLED screen, a version with LCD display should also arrive. The features of this device should be less than those of the two top devices: It should not have dual rear cameras and not even Force Touch. According to analysts, however, there will be a feature that will make the smartphone unique: it will have a dual SIM slot. For the first time Apple would seem to have convinced itself to make a dual-SIM smartphone. According to rumors both slots should support 4G thanks to the two LTE modems. The price of the 2018 iPhone X with LCD screen is expected to be around $650-750. For those who want to save money there will also be a single-SIM version that should be launched at a price of $550-650. The two smartphones are expected to go into production by the end of the summer.