IPhone X 2019, triple rear cam and Touch ID under the screen

What will the new 2019 iPhone look like? According to some sources it will have a triple cam, a singing screen and the under-display fingerprint sensor. Find out what's new

The 2019 iPhone X is at the center of attention of Apple enthusiasts and experts: not a day goes by when there is no news, rumors or official news about the new upcoming smartphone. Three different sources have reported that the new phone will have a triple cam in the back inserted into a space with a square design.

This choice was already leaked in recent weeks, arousing curiosity and some doubt, especially by the most traditionalist fans. Now the rumors have been confirmed by the release of a preview photograph that depicts the 2019 iPhone X body and leaks some interesting details. For example, it features three holes, which are the ones that will be used to insert the lenses. As for the design, however, no further clues are known yet. But certainly, even in this case, official confirmations or denials will not be long in coming.

The iPhone X 2019 will have three rear cameras

We are still a few months away from the presentation of the iPhone X 2019, but the first rumors and half-confirmations have already arrived. According to some Asian analysts, the new Apple smartphone will have a triple rear camera positioned in the upper left corner. Near the three photo sensors will be placed the LED flash. But the real novelty will concern the design. In fact, the photo compartment will be placed inside a square space slightly raised. A solution very similar to the one used by Huawei on the Mate 20 Pro.

Online have also appeared many renderings that show the 2019 iPhone X with the new solution designed by Apple. It should be noted, however, that announcements related to revolutionary designs for Apple products are quite common, but they often turn out to be unfounded. Therefore, in order to get the confirmation, we need to wait for the official news.

What will the 2019 iPhone X look like

According to several sources, it will not only have the triple camera, but also a singing screen. Simply put, a speaker will be integrated into the display thanks to Crystal Sound OLED (CSO) technology. Another possible new feature is the return of Touch ID, which will be inserted under the screen and will allow you to unlock the phone thanks to your fingerprint. In addition, probably the edges of the iPhone will be rounded and the notch will have a reduced size. In short, the rumors about the new Apple smartphone chase each other. We just have to wait to find out which are the real ones. To know this we will have to wait until September, the month in which Apple will present the new Apple Phone around the world. While to see it on the market we will have to wait until October 2019.