IPhone X has two batteries arranged in an “L” shape

Chinese bloggers opened the iPhone X to analyze the hardware compartment and discovered a double battery arranged in an "L" shape

On the iPhone X, Apple's new top-of-the-line smartphone, there are many new features. From OLED screens to Face ID (facial recognition). In addition to these new technologies visible to the eye of the user, Cupertino has "hidden" some news even inside.

Among the main innovations present inside the iPhone X (Ten) we find two batteries arranged in an L shape. To discover this unique feature were some Chinese bloggers who have disassembled the device to find out how Apple has built its new top of the range. The main purpose of the research was to understand how Cupertino had worked at the hardware level, but once opened the smartphone to bloggers immediately jumped to the eye of the double battery arranged in L. A solution designed to ensure a record autonomy to the phone. This is the first smartphone in the world that uses two batteries arranged in an L shape inside.

The Features "hidden" iPhone X

Among the interesting features present inside the iPhone X we also find the back of the front camera "TrueDepth". This is the system used by the Face ID security technology. In addition to facial recognition, this sensor is also used to give depth of field to camera shots. Chinese bloggers to share with other Net users all the details they have discovered by opening an iPhone X have made a video. It will be interesting to see if, after these discoveries, Apple will release some statement where it explains the reason for some of its choices at the hardware level and on the L-shaped batteries.