IPhone X Plus 2018, unveiled the project with triple camera

According to the latest rumors in autumn 2018 Apple will launch on the market the new iPhone X Plus, a device with three rear cameras like Huawei P20 Pro

By autumn 2018 Apple should launch on the market the second generation of the iPhone X  composed of at least three devices. Among them we will find a iPhone X Plus 2018 and to a cheaper 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD screen. Of the three devices from Cupertino, the one that is making the most talk is the new iPhone X Plus.

The latest rumors, in fact, confirm that the new top of the range of Apple's house will have a triple rear camera. A bit like we have already seen on the Huawei P20 Pro. On the iPhone X Plus, the three sensors will be used to detect details in 3D and to make more powerful zooms. The three rear cameras at the moment will remain exclusive to the iPhone X Plus version. This means that on the second-generation iPhone X we will continue to see only the classic dual rear cameras. Also important is the size of the new iPhone X Plus, which will most likely have a screen of 6.5 inches or larger. A detail that will put it in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

iPhone X Plus with triple camera

The triple camera will not be the only important detail on the new iPhone X Plus. The sensors will be many even in the front of the device, where we will find again the notch, the notch for the front camera that has become a real trademark of the Apple X series and then imitated by many other manufacturers. In this "niche" will find space well four sensors: two dedicated to the front camera and others to make it even more accurate recognition of the face through FaceID.

There are also some news regarding the device smaller and cheaper, the iPhone 6.1-inch fact according to the latest rumors coming from sources close to Cupertino will measure 147.12 x 71.52 mm and will have a single rear camera. The "small" applephone, however, will still have the notch in the screen. That this is the long-awaited iPhone SE2?