IPhone XI 2019, first official photo: what it will look like

Designer Ben Geskin has created models that faithfully replicate the iPhone Xi and iPhone Xi Max: here's what they'll look like

If there's one feature for which Apple products have always been ahead, it's certainly design. But if there's one feature that Apple might be staking its face on with the new iPhone XIs, it's, again, the design. If the rumors circulated so far were to become reality in the final products, in fact, the future Apple phones would be very ugly according to the opinions posted online by users.

To make scandal, in particular, is the huge square box that encloses the three rear cameras: a novelty that is not liked by the fans of the company. However, there is also a minority who believe that the 2019 iPhones will not be so ugly, when we actually have them in our hands. Because Apple, you know, always manages to make a classy product in the end. These fans have been answered by tech designer Ben Geskin, who has created physical models of the future iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max just to show everyone "how they will look like when we have them in our hands".

How will the iPhone 11

Geskin, to make the two models, was based on the most recent renders circulated on the network and some technical schemes of the iPhone 2019 leaked in recent months. The designer posted on Twitter a photo of the back of the full-size models of the iPhone XI and XI Max, while holding them in his hand. In plain sight is the triple camera inside the huge protruding square, which also integrates the LED flash. Geskin then asked his followers, "Are you used to this design yet?"

User reactions to the iPhone 11 design

The reactions to Ben Geskin's tweet were not lacking, with over 800 responses. Most of the reactions were overwhelmingly negative. One user pointed out that "Steve Jobs would have fired them all," another noted the similarity between the three cameras and a spinner, another posted a picture of the three-eyed raven from Game of Thrones. Literally endless, on the other hand, were the emoji and animated gifs with which Geskin's followers expressed their disgust with the iPhone XI's design. Of course, there was no shortage of positive comments, but they were in the minority, with some saying "It's ugly but I'll buy it anyway" and some more technical comments such as one follower who pointed out that "It makes sense, since Apple's approach to photos is not based on post-processing of images".