IPhone XI 2019, triple camera confirmed, but with a surprise

The new iPhone Xi 2019 will feature a triple rear camera inserted inside a raised bumper. Here are the first images

With a few months ahead of schedule, rumors have started about the new iPhone due out in September 2019. Usually Apple is very good at hiding its intentions and does not leak anything until hours before the official presentation. This year, however. it seems that things have changed and that it is the Cupertino company itself that has let out from its offices some renderings of what the 2019 iPhone XI will look like (tentative name, since we still don't know what it will be called).

Also for the 2019 edition of its most iconic device, Apple will make three different models. The 2019 iPhone XI will be joined by a "big" version with a 6.5-inch screen (iPhone XI 2019 Xs) and a low-cost model (iPhone Xr 2019) designed for younger users. Compared to last year's models, the design will remain almost unchanged, at least for the front. There will be room for a large notch where the sensors for 3D facial recognition will be placed inside, while the screen bezels will be  rounded. Slightly different will be the rear part: for the first time Apple will mount on the iPhone three photo sensors, following the path traced in recent years by Huawei and Samsung. This choice will also lead to a change in design: the photo compartment will be placed inside a square bumper, slightly raised compared to the body.

iPhone Xi 2019, the camera features

Based on this information and some documents arrived directly from Cupertino, the designer Jonas Daehnert has imagined how the new iPhone XI 2019 could be. Looking at the cover image of the article, you immediately notice that the square that "collects" the three cameras is raised compared to the shell. The first reactions from users on this aesthetic feature were not exciting, many hope that Apple will reconsider and find another solution for the rear camera compartment.

The bumper will not be the only special feature of the three rear sensors. As you can see from the image, the lenses are placed in a strange triangle shape. The reason for this choice by Apple is unknown, but surely it will have done studies that will show that the image quality is better this way. All three photo sensors should be 12 megapixels. The main sensor will be joined by a telephoto lens and a wide-angle camera.

The 2019 iPhone Xi Datasheet

What will the new 2019 iPhone Xi look like? Apart from the photographic compartment there is little information leaked so far. On the hardware components we can say for sure that the new A13 Bionic chipset will be present, supported by at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. In the base model, the OLED screen will be 5.8 inches, while for the Xs version it should be 6.5 inches. On board we will also find iOS 13: the new version of the operating system will make its official debut at WWDC 2019 scheduled from June 3 to 7.

When iPhone Xi 2019 comes out

The presentation of the iPhone Xi 2019 is  set for the second half of September. The arrival on the market will have to wait for the end of September and the beginning of October.