IPhone XI bets everything on photos: the details

The new 2019 iPhone XI will bet everything on the photo compartment thanks to a great mix between software and hardware. Here's all the news

New rumors emerge about the 2019 iPhone, which should be launched on the market under the name of iPhone XI. The details were revealed by Max Weinbach on the EverythingApplePro portal: the journalist focused especially on one aspect of the new Apple smartphones: the photo compartment

New features for photo enthusiasts will be many, especially for those who like to shoot in HDR smart mode. The improvements concern both the hardware components and the internal software that manages image processing. The excellence of the iPhone XI is given by the perfect mix between the new iOS 13 operating system and the A13 Bionic chipset. Apple's goal is to overcome all the limits known so far regarding the photographic compartment of a smartphone. The level reached by competitors (Huawei and Samsung first and foremost) will be the yardstick and to do better the iPhone Xi will have as many as three rear cameras.

iPhone XI will make unparalleled photographs

Apple for devices coming out in 2019 has decided to astound its audience. iPhones have always been known for taking great photos, but the company is ready to go further. The 2019 iPhone will have a top-notch photo compartment, which will bring huge improvements in image processing, especially those performed in smart HDR.

Among the different 2019 devices, there will be two high-end models (iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max), which will have a triple camera. While there will be a third low-cost model that will instead have two cameras. The rumors communicated by Max Weinbach confirm that the third camera will have an ultra-wide-angle lens with a 120° viewing angle. The optical stabilizer will instead be supported by the main camera and the telephoto lens. This mix of hardware components and the new software will allow users to get great photographs.

The new design of the iPhone XI

Another interesting news is that the devices will have an innovative design. They will be soft to the touch, thus moving away from the metallic and cold feeling that characterizes the models launched so far. Apple wants to make its devices more ergonomic, preventing them from falling out of the hands because they are too smooth and slippery. The company will also focus on different colors than usual. In this regard Mark Gurman has revealed some of the possible colors coming: there will be not only white or black, but also red, lavender, yellow and green. The screen will also be a bit wider, in fact according to rumors the Face ID will have a greater viewing angle.

When will it be launched on the market?

The new iPhone XI will be presented to the public in September, but the date is yet to be announced. As mentioned, they will support the new iOS 13 operating system, which will instead be unveiled on June 3 at WWDC 2019, the annual conference for developers.