IPhone XR 2019 changes skin: how it will look like

The iPhone Xr 2019 will also be made with green and purple coloring. Expected arrival at the end of September, beginning of October at a price of about 700 euros

The distinctive character of the iPhone Xr 2019 will be the color. For its low-cost smartphone Apple has decided to change the color scale and abandon the classic black or white: the iPhone Xr 2019 will also be available in yellow, green and purple (lavender). A very precise choice that of the Cupertino company that wants to make the iPhone Xr 2019 a smartphone "fashionable" and suitable for younger people.

The device should follow in broad strokes the model of last year. Apple wants to reintroduce a smartphone that was successful and allowed the Cupertino company to reach a larger slice of the market. The 2019 iPhone Xr should have the same size (6.1-inch screen), the same design and a dual rear camera, an improvement over last year's model. The smartphone should make its debut on the market between September and October 2019, after the presentation that Apple will hold in the United States.

iPhone Xr 2019 is tinged with purple

The indiscretion comes from Mark Gruman, Bloomberg journalist expert on Apple devices: the iPhone Xr 2019 will be tinged with purple and green. The two colors will replace the blue and coral present on the old model. A choice that winks at the youngest and tries to make the new low-cost smartphone from Apple become trendy.

iPhone Xr 2019, characteristics

Apple does not want to upset the model presented last year, but only update the device with new components. We will find a screen with the same size (6.1 inches) and with the same design: there will be a large notch with inside the front camera and sensors for facial recognition. Under the screen there should be the new A13 Bionic chipset made with 7 nanometer technology. The RAM should be 3GB and the internal memory 64/128GB.

The big news is about the photo compartment. In the rear there will be room for two cameras: the main 12-megapixel sensor and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens with 2x zoom. The rear camera compartment will be placed inside a square-shaped raised bump.

iPhone Xr 2019, release date and price

There is still no official date for the presentation: Apple as usual presents its devices in the second week of September. The iPhone Xr 2019 should be available between late September and early October. The price will be around 700-800 euros.