IPhone Xr 2019 shows itself in photos: dual camera with “step”

Not only iPhone XI. In fact, since a few days, rumors and renderings of the new low cost iPhone start to circulate. Here's what it will look like

The leaks about the most anticipated smartphones of 2019 continue on the Internet, especially on Twitter. Among them there is certainly the iPhone XR 2019 (also called iPhone XR2 or iPhone XE), the successor to the current XR that has been the best-selling Apple smartphone in recent months thanks to the compromise between price and performance, unusual for a device of the bitten apple.

The latest leak we owe it to the site Pricebaba, which has published a series of renderings on how the iPhone XR 2019 could be. The information, in this case, comes from Steve H.McFly, a well-known leaker who posts on Twitter with the account @OnLeaks and boasts, in 2018 alone, as many as 38 leaks (23 of which are 100% accurate). A source, therefore, quite authoritative. From these rumors emerge a design and technical features quite credible of the new iPhone XR 2019 that, if they are then confirmed in the real product, could make the XR2 box office champion.

iPhone XR 2019: design and dimensions

The iPhone XR of 2019 will be aesthetically very close to that of 2018, with only one detail that will make it immediately distinguishable from its predecessor: the rear bumper, that is the "step" that houses the photographic lenses. A square step, as it is supposed to be also in the iPhone XI, but that contains two cameras and not three (the current iPhone XR has only one rear camera). It would seem identical, however, the 6.1-inch LCD screen that, due precisely to LCD technology, will not be able to be completely "borderless" but will have visible bezels. It will also have the notch, large enough to accommodate the Face ID sensor. At the bottom of the device should be, in the middle between the speaker grilles, a Lightning connector. The overall dimensions of this device are assumed to be 150.9x76x8.3 millimeters (except in the part with the step, which will be 9.1 mm thick).

iPhone XR 2019: technical specifications

According to OnLeaks, the screen of the iPhone XR 2, XE or 2019 will have the same resolution as that of the XR 2018: 1,792×828 pixels, with a density of 326 ppi. It could be new, however, the processor: the current XR mounts the A12 Bionic, on the next could debut the A13 Bionic. A processor on which we still do not know anything official, produced by TSMC with 7 nm technology (but someone speculates even 5 nm). As for the cameras, however, absolutely nothing is known for the front one while for the two rear is assumed a main 12 MP wide angle and a second 12 MP with 2X zoom. The battery should remain the same, from 2942 mAh, while charging would go from 15 Watts to 18 Watts.

iPhone XR 2019: how much does it cost and when does it arrive

Reminding that what has been said so far is the result of indiscretions and speculations, although coming from usually reliable sources, it is good to point out that Apple at the moment has not even officially confirmed that it will produce this model. Moreover, other rumors (coming from equally reliable sources) talk about an update not of the iPhone XR but of the iPhone S (which will be called iPhone SE X or SE 2), which would even already be in production in India. That said, the release date of this new mid-range smartphone from Apple should be September 2019. As for the price, then, the uncertainty is even greater in light of the fact that last year Apple launched the first XR at a much higher price than initially expected.