IPhone Xr vs. iPhone 8 Plus: which one to buy

Decided whether to buy the iPhone Xr or the iPhone 8 Plus? Here's some information that might help you opt for one or the other

Probably, we'll never know the truth, especially after Apple's decision to stop disclosing iPhone sales figures at the end of each fiscal quarter. If, however, the multiple indiscretions that have come from many sides are true, the sales of iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr are not doing well. On the contrary: according to some analysts, the Cupertino company has had to cut production several times for numbers well below expectations.

The reasons for such performance must be sought on several fronts, but it is undeniable that the 2018 iPhones suffer from strong competition, even in house. The models of previous years, in fact, have features and performance not much lower than the applephones presented last September. The real difference, however, is in the price: the various iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (just to mention the most recent ones) cost several tens of euros less than the iPhone Xr, defined by many parties as the low cost iPhone of 2018. One wonders, then, which one is worth buying? Better the iPhone Xr, younger by a year, or the iPhone 8 Plus, which with its dual camera has the Portrait Functionality "native"? Let's find out together with a comparison between iPhone Xr and iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone Xr vs. iPhone 8 Plus: the design

As mentioned, the two devices came out a year apart. Despite this, the differences on an aesthetic level are there and they are noticeable. Although the design of the iPhones is now quite standardized, the iPhone Xr looks more like the iPhone X than the iPhone 8 Plus: this means that the low-cost 2018 iPhone has very thin bezels, thus managing to fit a larger display (6.1 inches versus 5.5 inches) in a smaller and lighter body. This is also joined by a greater variety of colors: as already happened with the iPhone 5C, the iPhone Xr also features pastel colors and vibrant tones; on the contrary, the iPhone 8 Plus is available in the "usual" black, gray and gold/pink.

iPhone Xr vs. iPhone 8 Plus: the cameras

If we move on to the analysis of the photo compartment, it's a clash... two-faced. On the one hand we have the latest generation of front-facing cameras, with all the technology necessary for Face ID facial recognition. On the other hand, a dual rear camera that has little to envy to that of the iPhone Xs and capable of shooting in Portrait mode natively (ie, without software artifice, as is the case with the iPhone Xr). Not to forget, then, that the secondary sensor of the iPhone 8 Plus also provides a 2X optical zoom with image stabilization. A detail definitely appreciated by those who are used to photograph landscapes.

iPhone Xr vs. iPhone 8 Plus: performance

This, probably, is the most unbalanced area in favor of the iPhone Xr. While the differences aren't as pronounced as you might think, the newest Applephone benefits from one of the most powerful SoCs available on the market today, if not the most powerful ever. The A12 Bionic chip, with its processors dedicated to artificial intelligence analysis, not only guarantees more "brute" computing power, but also offers better processing of photos and videos taken with the single camera. In short, a true force of nature (technological, of course). Even in terms of autonomy and battery life there is no comparison: the iPhone Xr, equipped with a larger battery and, apparently, a better charge management, provides several hours of use more than the rival.

iPhone Xr vs. iPhone 8 Plus: the other features

To this analysis should then be added the comparison of other features "missing" on one or the other device. While the iPhone 8 Plus comes with 3D Touch technology, with a "pressure-sensitive" screen (depending on the force impressed, different tools or features can be activated), the iPhone Xr comes with dual SIM technology (with the second virtual SIM) and an intermediate 128 gigabyte memory cut that could attract the attentions of a lot of users.

iPhone Xr vs. iPhone 8 Plus: the price

With the same memory (64 gigabytes for both), the iPhone 8 Plus has a list price of 829 euros versus the 899 euros needed to buy the iPhone Xr. It must be said, however, that the "old age" in this case favors the iPhone 8 Plus: although Apple is not accustomed to making discounts and offers, it will be more likely to tick a better price for the older applephone (perhaps reconditioned) than the one launched just a few months ago.