IPhone XX: the mystery of the new Apple smartphone

A new Apple smartphone identified as iPhone XX has been discovered and is expected to be unveiled soon. Here's what it will look like

Developer Guillherme Rambo sifting through Apple's various manufacturing codes has discovered a new iPhone that could be launched in 2018. The device has been identified by Cupertino as the iPhone XX and is in addition to the three iPhones that Apple is planning to unveil on September 12, 2018.

It is very likely that Apple will eventually not call one of the new 2018 iPhones by the name of iPhone XX. This is only a temporary choice : the code "XX" has already been used in the past by Cupertino to indicate new devices coming out. The discovery of a new iPhone is a real mystery: so far it was assumed that Apple was planning to present only three new smartphones and the iPhone XX is none of them. Among the hypotheses made by experts, the most likely one is that the iPhone XX is a revised and more powerful version of the iPhone 7: same size but with a more powerful processor. The smartphone would replace the iPhone SE 2 that was canceled by Apple.

iPhone XX: the fourth smartphone from Apple in 2018?

Initially, many thought that the name iPhone XX identified the new iPhone 9, the low-cost version planned for 2018, the one that should come to market with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, but after a careful analysis of Apple's production codes this hypothesis has been set aside. Instead, it is very likely that iPhone XX is nothing but a revised version of iPhone 7 that Cupertino would plan to introduce by the end of 2018. It is possible that Apple is thinking of creating updated versions of its older smartphones to expand its smartphone offerings and reach a target customer base as wide as possible.

iPhone XX: what it will look like

According to developer Guillherme Rambo it will have the A10 processor and some improved features compared to the iPhone 7, such as the battery. Will also change the price, it is possible that this iPhone XX costs a few hundred euros less than the iPhone 9, which according to the first information coming from Cupertino will have a price between 600 and 700 euros. In practice, iPhone XX will become the cheapest smartphone launched by Apple in 2018. The strategy adopted by Cupertino could also be repeated in the coming years: launching revised versions of its older smartphones to increase the number of devices sold.