IPhone12 Mini: reported screen problems

IPhone 12 Mini seems to have an annoying screen problem: numerous reports about it on Reddit and forums, but Apple for now does not respond

Debut with problems for iPhone 12 Mini: users of the brand new 2020 smartphone fromĀ Apple have reported on Reddit a malfunction with the touchscreen system of the screen, unable to respond to commands in certain situations. Just a few days before the official launch, Cupertino is already forced to deal with the first headaches due to this annoying defect.

The new iPhone 12 Mini made its debut only last November 13 in Italy and most of the world, just a few days after its big brother iPhone 12, and it immediately went on sale but already something seems to have gone wrong in its realization. And yet, the little one from Apple has been included by right among the spearheads of the 2020 line of Apple phones, thanks not only to the 5G module that allows connections and data transfers at lightning speed but, above all, to the long-awaited A14 Bionic chip that, already from the first tests, is giving results that make Android competitors tremble.

iPhone 12 Mini, what is the problem with the screen

What the very first users of iPhone 12 Mini found is a particularly serious problem, present when the smartphone is with the screen locked. The lock screen, in fact, would not allow you to use the camera or the led light, as well as allow the actual unlocking of the screen through the gesture of the swipe up.

In practice, once locked the display, it would no longer be possible to make any unlock except through the facial recognition system. A real problem, then, since iOS requires, during startup as well as in case of failure and repeated recognition of the face, the swipe to enter the unlock code.

iPhone 12 Mini, what causes the problem to the display

Many users have poured into the main official forums and not (especially Reddit USA) to complain about the problem, even defining the outline useful to circumscribe the occurrence. The cause of the malfunction, according to tests carried out by the users themselves, that makes it impossible for the iPhone 12 Mini to recognize and respond to finger touch would be the use of a protective film or shockproof glass on the display, combined with a case.

To overcome this, the user would be forced to touch something conductive, such as the metal shell of the smartphone or the camera frame. The same happens if the phone is connected to the wall charger: the problem disappears and it is possible to use the iPhone 12 Mini without any problem whatsoever.

iPhone 12 Mini, the workaround waiting for Apple's answer

At the moment Apple has not yet answered to the questions of its customers, leaving as the only solution to remove the protective devices that provide to safeguard the integrity of the new smartphone.

At the moment, Apple has not yet answered the questions of its customers, thus leaving as the only solution the removal of the protective devices that safeguard the integrity of the new smartphone.