IPhones slower than Samsungs: it’s the modem’s fault

The average download speed of iPhones is lower than that of Samsung smartphones. OpeSignals certifies this with an international study

Those who own a Samsung smartphone surf the Internet faster than those who have Apple and Huawei devices. This is what emerges from the latest analysis of Opensignal, which compared the average download speed between devices of the three manufacturers in 40 different countries around the world.

The analysis shows that in 35% of the countries analyzed, Samsung devices are faster, while only in 17.5% of countries Apple iPhones win. In the remaining 48% of countries Opensignal has not recorded big differences in browsing speed between Samsung, Huawei and Apple smartphones. In Italy the difference is not very marked and the three manufacturers are almost on par for download speed, while in other places the difference is considerable: in Norway, for example, but also in Canada and Holland. Apple's smartphones, on the other hand, shine for speed in the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan. According to Opensignal, these differences in speed depend on the modems integrated in the phones: high-end devices have higher performance modems, which download data quickly even where the network is not very good.

Samsung Vs Apple Vs Huawei: who surfs faster

Getting into the details of the data we discover that the average download speed of a Samsung smartphone in Norway is an impressive 58 Mbps. In the same country, Huawei and Apple devices stop at 46 and 44 Mbps respectively. Quite a difference in speed. In Canada iPhones are very slow: 31 Mbps against 50 Mbps of Huawei phones and 55 of Samsung ones. In Japan Huawei devices are the ones that surf slow: 21 Mbps against 41 Mbps of Apple and 46 of Samsung. And in Italy? In our country the differences are minimal: Samsung 26 Mbps, Apple 25 Mbps and Huawei 22 Mbps.

Why iPhones surf slowly

With the same phone network, the difference in Internet speed depends on the device used and, in particular, on the modem it integrates. The top of the range devices all integrate very good modems, in fact the average speed in this price range is very similar for the devices of all three manufacturers: 26.6 Mbps for Samsung, 24.4 Mbps for Apple and 25.2 Mbps for Huawei devices.

Between the low end devices, on the other hand, less performing modems abound and performance drops dramatically: 9.7 Mbps for Samsung, 12.1 Mbps for Huawei and 8.9 Mbps for Apple. Finally, according to Opensignal, even in countries with the slowest data networks, high-end devices surf much faster than mid-range and low-end devices.