IPhoneX 2018 dual SIM, rumors confirmed

According to several rumors Apple would be thinking of including support for dual-SIM in the budget model of the new iPhone X 2018, here's how it will be

That Apple wanted to further enrich the line of its mobile devices is a known fact. It is no coincidence that for next September, the presumed date of presentation, should be unveiled as many as three iPhone X, including one in low cost version.

What few imagined, however, is that in 2018 could also arrive a dual SIM iPhone. According to the latest rumors bouncing from Asia and the United States, the Cupertino company would have designed (and is having made) prototypes of iPhone X equipped with two SIM card slots. Apple, however, will, as always, do things its own way. Instead of having two physical SIM cards, the 2018 iPhone X will have a "virtual" slot where it will house an e-SIM (or, since this is a Cupertino company product, an Apple SIM).  This will save space inside the device and, at the same time, equip it with a much sought-after feature.

iPhone X 2018 will be dual-SIM

From the first rumors Apple should adopt this hybrid SIM plus Apple SIM solution only on some markets, in China for example there is talk of the arrival of iPhone X 2018 in the classic version with accommodation for two SIMs, as is currently the case in many Android smartphones.

The question at the moment is which of the three iPhone X 2018 models will be launched with Dual-SIM support? Apple's intention is to include this innovation only on the iPhone X with 6.1-inch LCD screen. In practice, the Dual-SIM will be found only on the "cheap" model of Cupertino's new line of smartphones. Why this choice? Because the dual-SIM requires the user each time to decide which SIM to use to call, surf the web or send messages, a waste of time that Apple wants to avoid on premium models such as iPhone X 2018 and iPhone X Plus 2018.

To understand if Apple will reconsider or if it will decide to include Dual-SIM in all three new models iPhone X 2018 we just have to wait for the last days of September when the U.S. company will unveil to the world its new top of the range phones.