Is the iPad Pro or the Surface Pro more durable?

In a new test JerryRigEverything puts Microsoft's Surface Pro 6 under stress to see if it's more or less durable than the 2018 iPad Pro

When you have to choose which tablet to buy, you usually look at specs like the SoC, the amount of RAM installed, screen width and quality, and battery capacity. Never, or almost never, however, do we give importance to the build quality of the device and the materials used. Characteristics that, instead, should have a certain relevance especially in the case of large devices.

As demonstrated by the tests conducted by JerryRigEverything, American youtuber became famous for the "tortures" to which he subjects electronic devices of all kinds. During his stress tests, in fact, Jerry puts to the test the resistance of smartphones, tablets, cameras and other gadgets, so as to measure their resistance to shocks, scratches, falls and other types of "pressure". During one of the latest tests, for example, JerryRigEverything has shown how fragile the iPad Pro is, bending in two under the pressure exerted by the American youtuber.

Many have brought to mind the bendgate that involved the iPhone 6, when Apple was accused of making devices too thin and fragile. Although JerryRigEverything has categorically ruled out this problem, he wanted to conduct a parallel test, to assess the strength of the Surface Pro 6, a tablet for professionals designed and manufactured by Microsoft.

Is the iPad Pro or the Surface Pro 6 more resistant?

After the "usual" series of "scratching" tests, conducted with awls of various materials and various cutters, the American youtuber has replicated the bend test, trying to bend the Surface Pro 6 with his bare hands. Despite the attempts and efforts, the Microsoft tablet withstood the pressure exerted by Jerry with his bare hands: although the glass has begun to bend and some cracks have appeared, the display and the device have held up, continuing to operate without major problems. Even the body, made of metal like that of the iPad Pro 2018, showed no signs of sagging: in short, at least according to JerryRigEverything's tests, Microsoft's tablet resists better to efforts and stresses than Apple's.