IT: the horror movie will become a seven-season TV series

The showrunner of Lovecraft Country talked about her idea: an adaptation of IT for the small screen. Here are the details

IT is the most famous horror clow of all time. It was born from the pen of Stephen King, who shook entire generations with his 1986 novel. The story and characters are so powerful and well defined that they have inspired several movies, comics and sagas. And this would be the intention of the creative and show runner Misha Green, already involved in other successful titles, first of all Lovecraft Country - Land of Demons, another horror show very famous in the U.S. and based on the novel by Matt Ruff. According to the author, there are many similarities between IT and Lovecraft Country that could be exploited to create a truly spectacular content. The TV series would be added to other video adaptations of King's novel: such as Tim Curry's IT series published in 1990. Not to mention that the clown became particularly famous with the film adaptation divided into two chapters, It (2017) and It - Chapter Two (2019). All of these elements will likely come together in the new streaming title.

Misha Green: what she said about IT

Misha Green is one of the most highly-rated authors on the global TV landscape and has recently revealed a great passion for Pennywise and a desire to turn it into a TV series, in the wake of her work on Lovecraft Country.

Here's what he revealed during an interview:

"I'm still very excited about the projects I'm working on, but I would love to do a TV series of Stephen King's IT. It's my favorite novel of all time, but it's such a complex book that you often need time to sit down and analyze the characters and really get into their fear."

Misha Green and her work for Lovecraft Country

So the author's idea is to tell the story of the terrible child-eating clown, dividing it into seven seasons. In fact, it would be too articulated a plot and a long and complex TV series could really give it justice.

It tells the story of a clown, called Pennywise, responsible for the disappearance of Giorgie, a child who lives in a small American neighborhood. After his disappearance, his group of friends set out to find him and become involved in a series of events and horror episodes caused by the fearsome clown.

For the moment this is a personal project, also because Misha Green is currently working on the second season of the anti-racist horror TV series Lovecraft Country.

While waiting to watch the TV series all the IT movies are available on demand on Amazon Prime Video.