ItaliaGuerraBot 2020: what is and how does the new game on Facebook work

Find out what is and how does ItaliaGuerraBot2020 work, the new successful video game launched on Facebook and that is thrilling Italian users

For the moment the page's fans are 40,000, but they are growing every day. What are we talking about? About ItaliaGuerraBot2020, the new game launched on Facebook that is thrilling thousands of young Italians. In reality, it is not a real game. But a bot that automatically decides the challengers and winners. And users just have to watch.

But what is it? A simulated "war" between the 107 Italian provinces. Each province has its own territory and the goal is to conquer the neighboring one to become bigger and more powerful until it "occupies" all of Italy. Lovers of Rome Total War or Medieval Totla War have a clear idea of what we are talking about: a game that pits opposing factions against each other for the conquest of a territory. In this simulated war, users can only watch and find out every hour what the two competing territories are and who won. On the Facebook page every hour the bot updates the map of Italy with the new borders and the ranking with the largest provinces.

What is ItaliaGuerraBot2020 Facebook

It is not simply a Facebook page, ItaliaGuerraBot2020 is a real text-based video game that is making a lot of talk about itself, especially among young people. It is a bot that simulates a war between the various Italian provinces: every hour on the Facebook page (usually the updates take place at 05 o'clock, for example 14:05, 15:05, 16;05) the "war bulletin" is updated.

ItaliaGuerraBot2020 is not an idea born from a group of Italian kids, but has been borrowed from the WorldWarBot 2020 page. In these days other pages are being born, each one dedicated to a different nation.

How ItaliaGuerraBot2020 Facebook works

In a country with a thousand parochialisms like Italy, an idea like ItaliaGuerraBot2020 could only be successful. Although users don't have to do anything but read the post with war updates, the page and the project are having a great success.

The functioning of ItaliaGuerraBot2020 is not very simple to understand. Reading the explanation on the Facebook page, ItaliaGuerraBot 2020 is "an automatic bot that chooses a random province and conquers another on behalf of its controller, choosing the one with the closest centroid (the centroid is the midpoint of its perimeter). This means that the probability of being chosen as an attacker is equal to the number of territories controlled." Basically, it's the bot that chooses every hour which Italian Provinces challenge each other for the conquest of the whole Nation. We'll see in the end who will come out on top.