Italy, boom of connections for Fortnite and Call of Duty

Forced closure at home is leading many kids to spend more hours at home and increases traffic on network infrastructures due to Fornite

"We have noticed a 70% increase in internet traffic on our lines, with a great contribution given by online games like Fortnite". These are the words of Luigi Gubitosi, CEO of Telecom Italia, in an interview released in recent days. A figure that in another historical moment would have created panic, but that now is taken almost with relief. Maybe Italians, and especially the younger ones, this time have really taken to the letter, or are starting to do so, the measures imposed by the last decree of the Government that has extended to all Italy the red zone to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus infection.

Maybe the campaign with a dedicated hashtag #iostoacasa launched on Facebook and all social netowrk is slowly working and, thanks to the closure of schools and a lot of free time available, our presence on the web has increased significantly. Not only Fortnite, also Call of Duty: Warzone in these days has registered more than 6 million unique players in just 24 hours and, probably, most of the new subscribers to the famous war game come from our country and other countries blocked by the effects of Covid-19.

Passion for video games and increase in internet traffic

Many young people, but also the "not so young" are rediscovering in these days the passion for video games. And if until a few years ago the tournaments were played in the bedroom of your best friend, in 2020 you can also do at a distance thanks to fiber optic connections. Fortnite and the novelty Call of Duty: Warzone are surely capturing the attention of thousands of Italian users, but the situation is very similar also in other nations.

In fact, European providers are monitoring what happens in our country and in other nations affected by the Coronavirus. According to the well-known online newspaper Bloomberg, telecommunication giants such as Vodafone UK and Swedish Telia are already taking action in anticipation of an exponential increase in Internet traffic on their national networks that could occur in the coming weeks. At the moment Italy is the most affected nation, but the almost total closure of stores and stores could happen also in other European countries.