It’s official: Huawei P50 has Leica camera

Huawei is hurt but not defunct. During the announcement of the new HarmonyOS operating system, the company chased away doubts about the cameras of Huawei P50

Following the arrival of the first concrete difficulties of the U.S. trade ban, which at first did not seem to be causing more than many repercussions on the products, in recent times there has been a lot of talk about Huawei and its state of health. The Chinese company has had to reinvent itself in no time and in the last period it seemed to be suffering the blow.

But during the streaming announcement from which HarmonyOS came out, the operating system on which to base the new life without Google and Android, Huawei showed that it is still on the ball and can survive even without the pressing pre-ban rhythms with which new smartphones flourished. Like the Huawei P50 range, which was expected to be made official as usual around April and instead still today, in June 2021, is behind the scenes waiting for the series of postponements to come to an end and be able to reach center stage to perform. But there are both Huawei and the P50 series, on which the company has spent a few words during the event for HarmonyOS with a reassurance that in particular was expected by many to assay how much the ban had affected the aims of the Chinese company.

Huawei P50 with Leica camera

It was not obvious in light of the difficulties to keep alive the smartphone range and previous rumors that the partnership between Leica and Huawei. The new context in which the company moves, profoundly different from that of its golden years, has affected the pace of news but not, evidently, the historical collaborations.

Huawei and Leica are still proceeding side by side: during the event Huawei did not provide specifics about the Huawei P50 range or even a hint about making it official, but reiterated the continuation of the relationship with Leica.

The chosen medium is an image of the camera group of one of the members of the Huawei P50 family, from which emerges the presence of four sensors inserted in an island under which stands out, clearly visible, the Leica brand. At this point there can be no more doubt: the Leica camera on the next top of the range Huawei is official.

On the cameras, always a central theme for those who approached the Huawei smartphones, however, no technical details have emerged such as the number of megapixels nor the function of the four lenses included in one of the Huawei P50, presumably one of the most powerful variants of the range that will soon be official.

Great Expectations on Huawei P50 Photos

In the meantime, the company continues to keep the attention level high with proclamations with an interesting flavor: "[Huawei P50] will take mobile photography to a new level," and it's hard to believe since Huawei has always invested quite a bit in smartphone photography and the previous Huawei P30 and P40 have amply demonstrated this.

And from the image released by the company itself even the island that contains the lenses gives the idea of being more abundant than that seen on the Huawei P40 Pro+, which leads to think that Huawei P50 will have even larger sensorsĀ and therefore capable of ensuring higher performance than the already excellent predecessor.