Jagger & Lewis, the smart collar to understand if your dog is sick. Photo

Jagger & Lewis allows you to keep an eye on the health of your pet thanks to the different indices present in the application

After appearing at CES 2017 in Las Vegas (the international fair dedicated to consumer electronics) and attracting the attention of journalists and fans, the smart collar Jagger & Lewis makes its debut on Kickstarter, looking for funds to start producing the device.

There are dozens and dozens of smart collars on the market that let us know where our dog is, even when we're not home. But the Jagger & Lewis smart device promises to offer new services capable of making the owner enter into symbiosis with his pet. The smart collar is able to understand the state of health of the dog thanks to the data it collects during the day and sends directly to the application available for smartphones and tablets. By understanding your pet's state of mind you can take immediate action to make him happier.

How Jagger & Lewis works

(Taken from Kickstarter)

The central focus of the smart device is the app where you can understand your pet's state of mind and health. The functioning of Jagger & Lewis is very simple: the smart collar, thanks to the sensors inside the device, collects data about the dog and sends them on the companion app available for smartphones and tablets. The data are analyzed by a special algorithm that is able to understand the state of health of the dog: is he stressed, is he feeling unwell (he drank little) or does he have any allergies. The sensors can also keep track of the dog's activities and inform the user when he ate, when he drank and if he rested. Jagger & Lewis is the Fitbit for dogs, a fitness tracker that allows humans to "listen" to the requests of their pets.

The features of the smart collar

Jagger & Lewis is water resistant and dust resistant as evidenced by the IP67 certification. The battery life is between 3 and 5 days. The smart collar can be used with any dog and is lightweight: the weight is only 30 grams.

Price and release date

The collar is priced at 149 dollars (just over 140 euros at current exchange rates) and. in case it manages to exceed the goal of fifty thousand dollars, shipments will start from May 2017.

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