Jarvis, the artificial intelligence of Zuckerberg’s home

Using the AI digital assistant, the creator of the social network can learn about work schedules, teach his daughter Mandarin and even get dressed

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced last January that he was working on an artificial intelligence system for his home. After almost a year of experimentation, the smart technology is ready.

To present Jarvis, this is the name that the father of the most used social network in the world has given to the digital assistant, Zuckerberg could only use Facebook where he posted a video that illustrates the functioning of the AI system. As you can see in the images, Jarvis would be able to perform numerous tasks. For example, as soon as you get up you can use the system to check your daily work appointments and to know the weather forecast. Jarvis then would also be able to prepare breakfast and throw clean t-shirts from a tube ready to be worn.

How Jarvis works

As far as we can tell from the images, Jarvis works thanks to an artificial intelligence system that can be activated directly from the smartphone. As Zuckerberg says, the digital assistant is able to learn and understand what to do autonomously. In the video you can see, in fact, Jarvis communicate to the Facebook founder that his daughter has woken up. Another interesting feature of Jarvis is the ability to recognize people at the door and let them in automatically. The system is controlled through voice, but commands can also be given through a simple text message using the special application that the Facebook founder has made.

Zuckerberg would like to open his digital assistant to users as well. At the end of the video, in fact, he invites his contacts to suggest him new features that he will then try to develop.

 The video in the opening is taken from Facebook

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