JB-10, the retro rockets that turn you into a man-jet

David Mayman's company, JetPack Aviation, has created retro rockets that are easy to guide even for non-experts, the only problem is the high price

The JetPack until now has been a tool seen only in video games or science fiction movies. Yet transportation thanks to special rockets inserted into a backpack on your back could soon become the norm. This is the project of David Mayman and his company JetPack Aviation.

The JetPack "for everyone" thought by Mayman is the JB-10. This tool has already been tested in California and has been driven by several people with no JetPack flying experience. The results have been positive enough that the JetPack Aviation company hopes to bring the instrument as a private transport by the end of the year. It hasn't all been easy, though. Because the JB-10 has more than four years of design and testing behind it. During flight, sensors and gyroscopes continuously send feedback to the JetPack to avoid abrupt course changes and ensure maximum stability for the pilot.

Easy to drive

"Driving a JetPack is a bit like being on a segway," explains Mayman. "If you want to go forward, you just lean forward slightly, if you want to stop, you just lean back. The course to learn how to ride a JetPack, so simple is it to use, takes only three hours. Much of this progress," Mayman continues, "is due to new discoveries with sensors. The JB-10 can stay in the air for 10 minutes at a time, accelerate to more than 70 miles per hour, and reach altitudes of more than 3,000 meters. The real barrier to mass use of this tool is only one: price. To buy a JB-10 (it should be sold by 2019) will need about 250 thousand euros. Roughly the same as a Lamborghini, the choice is yours.

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