Jeff Bezos in space, users retaliate with an unprecedented prank

What the proposed permanent exile for Amazon's multibillionaire consists of: Jeff Bezos in space, users retaliate with a prank.

It still has to happen, but that of Jeff Bezos in space has already turned into a saga, despite the fact that the founder of Amazon and richest man in the world will remain in orbit just long enough to read only one of the articles that have appeared online on the subject. The other twists and turns, which anticipated a launch set for July 20, 2021, concern the stratospheric cost that paid the third mysterious passenger to travel in the company of the Bezos brothers (yes, because on board there will also be Mark) and the joke with which 120 thousand internet users have responded to the media hype generated by the announcement of the logistics billionaire.

A petition to block Bezos: the joke from 120 thousand signatures

The joke against Bezos is actually a petition published on the platform. "Billionaires shouldn't exist...not on Earth or in space. But if they decide to go to space they should stay there": these are the tones - between funny and resentful - with which the petition to make Bezos stay in space has been launched. The presentation acquires, therefore, a clear ideological imprint, which immediately after is enriched with nuances of nerd-comic imagery: "Jeff Bezos is actually Lex Luthor", is the statement contained in the request for signatures, presumably ironic. The reference is to Superman's number one enemy, the hero par excellence.

In fact, there are those who write that Jeff Bezos "disguised as the alleged owner of a very successful online retail store" would actually be "a supreme lord of evil bent on world domination (...) We've known this for years".

At the moment the adhesions are growing at the rate of a few tens per second: the goal of 150 thousand, identified by the promoters, is definitely within reach.

Bezos and the flirtation with all the conspiracies: but the tone is ironic

In the introductory text of the petition appears really everything: 5G, terrapapists, Knights Templar and Free Masons. Bezos would be a crossroads of pop imagery, conspiracies germinated on some user forum with little sense of reality and mythological figures of villains. For those who want to participate in the campaign for a permanent exile of the Amazon CEO in space, this is the linkĀ at which it is possible to sign the petition.

To be scrupulous, it is worth making clear that this is obviously an ironic and viral operation, also because the proposal, to tell the truth very shared (but probably with a goliardic spirit), does not formulate any action plan to go from words to facts. In any case, if Bezos was really at the center of a design that involves Templars, Freemasons, 5G and deniers, we would have much more urgent problems to deal with.

Giuseppe Giordano