Jolt: all about the new movie with Kate Beckinsale on Prime Video

Amazon has announced the release on July 23 of the new revenge movie that will keep you glued to your seat.

On July 23, a new action movie is coming out on Amazon Prime Video that calls for tension right from the title: Jolt (scossa in Italian). The beautiful British actress, Kate Beckinsale, is the protagonist of this film in which, already from the first images there is no lack of pathos, action and revenge. The film is written by Scott Wascha and directed by Tanya Wexler.

Kate Beckinsale, after the conclusion of the 2019 miniseries, The Window tries her hand at this action movie that has a lot of thriller, intrigue and high tension. With her in the cast Laverne Cox, first transgender person to receive an Emmy nomination for The Orange Black and David Bradley extraordinary in both Harry Potter and Games of Trones in which he played Walder Frey.
The beauty of the cast is also composed of two Hollywood stars of excellence: Susan Sarandon of the unforgettable Thelma and Louise and Stanley Tucci, charismatic actor-director of Italian origin, already winner of two Golden Globes.

The plot of Jolt

Jolt has as its protagonist Linda, Kate Beckinsale, a beautiful woman who does not lack irony and charm. Linda harbors a bitter secret. For a long time she has suffered from a rare neurological disorder that causes her to have homicidal rages that she can only control in one way: by giving herself electric shocks. From these, the title of the film.

It is embarrassing for her this way of being and it is equally difficult to live in a world with this extravagant pathology. She struggles to be intimate with anyone. Linda is afraid of what might happen if she doesn't manage to connect in time to the special electrode device that allows her to control her homicidal impulse.

After some time she finds a man she trusts so much that she falls in love with him, only, unfortunately, to find him murdered a few days later.

Linda's rage

The police inevitably bring her in as the prime suspect in the murder because of her pathology. She, a beautiful woman, doesn't like it: suffering and full of anger, she starts looking for the person responsible for the death of her beloved. In short, the shocks are not lacking in Linda's life: on the one hand she flees from the police and on the other investigates to find the murderer.

The first images of the film see a Kate Beckinsale, blonde and sexy fierce who, with vengeance in her heart, just wants to find the killer and then take revenge. We expect 90 minutes of action in Jolt, we just have to wait for the release on July 23 on Amazon Prime Video for this new production.

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