Kaspersky OS: the operating system that’s not afraid of hackers

KasperskyOS is an operating system developed for Internet of Things devices that are increasingly the target of cyber attacks

KasperskyOS is a project that has taken 15 years to develop to meet stringent security requirements. It's a system that can be customized to meet the needs of telecom, automotive and critical infrastructure operators, and is available to OEMs, system integrators and software developers.

The concept behind KasperskyOS is to allow programs to perform only documented tasks required by policy, including, therefore, even the operating system functions themselves. The advantage for programmers is that they can develop a security policy together with the actual functionality of an application, drastically reducing the possibility of cyber attacks. Everything can be tested immediately and, since an error in the code is equivalent to an undocumented activity, it is blocked by the operating system. KasperskyOS is a customizable system according to various business needs as well as the security that can be adapted to the requirements of an application, and not vice versa.

For many but not for all

The operating system designed by Kaspersky is not general-purpose but is designed for three main sectors: telecommunications, automotive and industry and, in the near future, also for the financial environment and, specifically for POS and thin client security. KasperskyOS, in spite of appearances, - according to the manufacturer - is easy to use thanks to the presence of three packages. KasperskyOS, of course, is the heart of the system that is declined in two other versions - Kaspersky Secure Hypervisor and Kaspersky Security System - that implement some features of the main operating system.

Kaspersky Secure Hypervisor

KasperskyOS is the complete operating system that offers the maximum security and can be used as a base to develop applications for network routers, IP cameras or IoT controllers. Therefore, it is a solution that primarily targets the telecommunications, critical infrastructure applications and the Internet of Things sectors. Kaspersky Secure Hypervisor, more economical than the complete system, aims instead to ensure a high control over the execution and communication between the various applications, always responding to the specific needs of the telecommunications sector, but also of the automotive.

Kaspersky Security System

There is also the Kaspersky Security System that addresses traditional operating systems, embedded and real-time OS, to increase their security, with an eye to lower costs. More information on KasperskyOS, Kaspersky Secure Hypervisor and Kaspersky Security System is available on the dedicated site.