Kena Mobile becomes a TIM brand: what changes for users

Kena officially joins the TIM "stable". Those who are already customers will not notice the change; those who want to switch to Kena will have a small discount

Kena Mobile is an Italian virtual operator present in the telephony sector for several years. Until October 31, it was part of the group Nòverca but, with the definition of the incorporation of this brand in Telecom, Kena officially passes in the "stable" of the former state monopolist.

Kena Mobile, therefore, has officially become TIM brand and becomes in all respects the second mobile phone operator of the former state monopolist. The collaboration between TIM and Kena Mobile is absolutely not new: since 2017, the virtual operator has been using the TIM network to offer its low-cost services to users. So it has already distinguished itself by its good signal coverage and stability, but compared to the famous phone operator it has cheaper rates. With the official entry into TIM, what will be the consequences for users?

Kena Mobile and TIM: characteristics of the merger

Kena Mobile is a virtual operator, that is, a company that provides mobile phone services without having the necessary infrastructure or a license for the radio spectrum, elements necessary to provide these services. In fact, to get customers Kena, as well as other virtual phone operators, must rely on those who have the appropriate infrastructure.

The news of the merger dates back to the beginning of the summer season, when the TIM Group communicated to shareholders the start of the project: to simplify the corporate structure, and internal processes, the phone operator had decided to incorporate Kena Mobile. Since October 31, all pages of the website no longer refer to Nòverca, but to TIM, including documents on tariff transparency, privacy and tariff offers.

What are the consequences for customers?

The page that advises of the incorporation, as well as providing various details on the operation, reassures users: the Assistance number remains unchanged. The 181 remains the contact to resolve doubts and get answers about your plan or subscription, but also information on promotions etc.. Customers can contact the number free of charge, all others pay according to their tariff plan. To contact Customer Service from abroad, call +393505999181.

The communication also specifies that all the Economic and Contractual Conditions of Kena Mobile remain unchanged. Meanwhile, since November, the sale of Kena Casa services has been suspended. The offers related to mobile have undergone small changes: before the customer had to pay 5 euros for the rechargeable Sim, in addition to the fee for activation and management of the chosen plan. Now those five euros are rebated: to activate a plan it is simply necessary to make a recharge that covers the cost of the first month of the offer. In short, we just have to see if this strategic move can change the landscape of mobile telephony in Italy, considering that now the competition on this juncture is high.